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Order - Brazier - Business - Logo - School - Saint Georges

3 in 1: Brazier, Barbecue and High Table

Brazier - Business - Logo - School - Saint Georges


Type steel and paint of the cylinder


Metal cover to collect the ash or make a high table

This is an inspirational model. Its purpose is to help you have ideas of what kind of drawing you would like to see appearing on your brasero. Feel free to send us text to be added or to mix different models.

1 hour of design (40€/h) is offered. Send us your project, we shall estimate the number of hours needed to make the design ready for laser cut.
NB: Vectorised files and high quality pictures enable us to work quickly and more efficiently.

0 EUR VAT included

The design of Xylo Impact's braziers is registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office under the nr 004119691-0001