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Garden braziers made of corten steel

Braseros en acier personnalisés

If you enjoy outdoor furniture made of steel with rust coloured patina, you will be interested to know that a brazier in corten steel offers impressive resistance against all weather conditions (it’s resistance is comparable to stainless steel). It is a metallic compound made of iron and carbon (normal steel) to which we add elements of copper, phosphorous, silica, nickel and chrome. Quickly; the corten steel will rust on its outer layer. Unlike normal steel, this layer will stabilise and remain exclusive to the outer layer and will leave the steel below untouched. This rust will not only not spread it will protect the lower layers. This will allow your brazier to remain in your garden throughout every season without aging.

If your garden furniture are not rusted and you prefer them as they are, we can make your brazier in normal steel and paint it with a black paint that resists to heat.

How to use a garden brazier?

You are organising a party in your garden and it is the first time that you use your brazier? Here are a few tips to best enjoy its many functions:

- Leave your brazier where you intend on enjoying your appetisers, in the garden or on the terrace keeping in mind not to put it too close to any furniture that may be damaged by the heat. Do not be scared to put it in the grass, the 10 last steel rings at the bottom are designed to keep the flames inwards leaving your grass safe and sound.

- Fill in your brazier with logs of wood (ideally beech wood or hornbeam chopped to 33cm well dried.) Place the hood on top of your brazier and cover the brazier with a table cloth so the brazier matches the rest of your outdoor furniture as a high table and remains in harmony with all your furniture. Once you have finished your appetisers, remove the table cloth and hood and place the hood under the brazier so that the ashes may fall into it.

Utiliser un brasero de jardin

- Add 1dl of liquid fire starter (avoid buying the cheapest as they tend not to burn easily) on your logs and throw a lighten match to light it. The cylindrical shape of the brazier, it’s openings and the distance to the metal basket holding the wooden logs offer it an excellent draught. The fire should reach the bottom of the brazier within 10 minutes.

- Wait for the fire to slow down before placing your barbecue grill and start cooking your food. If the heat given by the fire is not sufficient, simply add a log or two. Once the fire is completely out, use a broom stick at the bottom of the brazier to let the remaining ashes fall or flip it around completely.

When your brazier is not being used, it is recommended to leave your brazier closed as a high table in order to protect the paint. Not doing so would require you to refresh the brazier more regularly (by painting it using thermo-resistant paint available in spray cans in most hardware stores).

What should you know before buying a brazier?

After having selected the model that best suits your garden or after having given your acceptance of the personalised design that will be produced for you, you will be invited to pay the full cost of the item. Depending on current stock levels, we will deliver your item within 2 to 4 weeks from successful payment. You will also have to specify and confirm a few key details (i) the size, 90 or 110cm of height, (ii) the type of steel, normal, painted black or corten, (iii) with or without a hood (to allow its use as a table), (iv) with or without a barbecue grill. As a quality outdoor furniture manufacturer, our braziers are guaranteed 10years on manufacturing defaults.

Why produce personalised steel braziers?

Acheter un brasero

Why not personalise a brazier? Something solid that is cut out of thick steel so it lasts a long time? Quite different from the products with a predefined end of life cycle that are so common today and have for only goal to increase production and consumption.

Being both a producer and seller, we manage to offer outdoor furniture that is of very high quality, tailored to you at a very competitive price. We have gone even further with a piece of furniture that can replace 3 individual items in your garden at once: a brazier, a barbecue and a table.

We can tailor your brazier to any extent. Our laser cutter can cut any drawing or design with a precision accurate to a millimetre. Share your wildest ideas with us as we follow the words of Oscar Wilde "Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll end up in the stars."

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The design of Xylo Impact's braziers is registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office under the nr 004119691-0001