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Xylo Impact story

As you would know, Romania went through troubled years after the second world war right up to the 1980s. This unfortunately resulted in the draining of much of the talent we had in the direction of Western Europe.

Nevertheless, using much patience and by immersing itself in the local culture, XYLO Impact has been able to build a strong team, gifted and dynamic, and able to respond to the demands of the market by offering high quality workmanship.

Who we are

Ferdinand Terlinden

My name is Ferdinand Terlinden. I have a bio-engineering degree from UCL, and I am a dynamic and creative entrepreneur, and I am fascinated by innovation and value creation. I am constantly researching new, high quality products at every level: design, durability, originality, and ingenuity.

I live in Romania, and it is there that I manage a team of trusted artisans who are all committed to producing top quality work.

Included in the production chain:


Studies and corrects the forms and outlines to make them harmonise with the product dimensions and to make them respect the style that the client has asked for.


Transforms your designs and pictures into a vectorial format. Draws up the detailled plan of works to ensure that communications between all flow as smoothly as possible.

Carpenter and Cabinet maker

They have many tasks: sawing, planing, sanding, drilling, assembling, fixing, gluing, painting, varnishing and oiling.

Blacksmith and metal worker.

The blacksmith does the heavy work: shaping the large metal pieces and welding them together into a robust structure which can withstand the elements. Then the metal worker does the finishing work.


Finally the carrier delivers the finished product with great care to your door, anywhere in Europe.

The design of Xylo Impact's braziers is registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office under the nr 004119691-0001