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Personalised braziers

We can source everything you want…
Our designer is at your service to make your brazier exactly as you wish.
We deliver to your home, anywhere in Europe.

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Personalised braziers

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High model: height 110 cm - diametre 50 cm
Low model: height 90 cm - diametre 50 cm


To have a personalised brazier, you must first:
•     Put enthusiasm into it
•     Cut out by laser (about 1 hour)
•     Roll a steel plate of 1.4m² and 3mm thick
•     Fold and cut 28 pieces of steel weighing between 28 and 30 kg
     (according to the design chosen)
•     Solder 62 joints

Your brazier is made in 5 stages:

1. You can send us your ideas, designs, photos, drawings, text, logos, etc. Then you choose a design which you like from the models of braziers which exist already.
2. Our designer transforms it into a vectorial drawing, in order to cut out from a steel plate, 3mm thick, what will then be made curved to make a cylinder. You can choose between (1) normal steel, mouse grey colour, (2) steel protected by black paint, (3) Corten steel (1.5mm thick, steel enriched with nickel, chrome, copper, and phosphorus), which makes it more resistant to weather conditions.
3. This is curved around a robust basket which contains the burning logs. Cleverly devised, it keeps the embers in, and only allows ash to escape! Your lawn will be thanking you for this. Moreover, it stops the fire from coming into contact with the cylinder, and removing the details of the design.
4. A metal tray under the brazier allows you to remove the ash. When the fire has died down, the tray slots into the top of the cylinder, and the brazier can then be used as a high table. Goodbye to conventional braziers which are in the way when you are not using them!
5. Delivery can be made throughout Europe within 4-6 weeks after confirmation of the order.

Brasero modèle Carré

Discount Braseros Personnalisés

Plus léger car pas de panier intéieur.
Le brasero chauffe fort.

Garantie: 2 ans

Discount Braseros Personnalisés


Enlèvement à notre showroom à Kraainem ou
Livraison à domicile pour 40€, en Belgique


  • Chapeau: +50€
  • Corten ou peint en noir: +100€
  • Grille barbeque: +40€
  • Brasero personalisé: +40€/h
  • 1 heure de design offerte

Brasero modèle Prestige

Discount Braseros Personnalisés

Panier intérieur pour contenir les bûches et diffuser la chaleur.

Garantie: 10 ans

Discount Braseros Personnalisés


Livraison incluse en Belgique


  • Chapeau: +85€
  • Cortenstaal of zwart geschilderd: +100€
  • Grille barbeque: +40€
  • Plancha: +150€
  • Brasero personalisé: +40€/h
  • 1 heure de design offerte

Modèles existants

Discount Braseros Personnalisés Discount Braseros Personnalisés Discount Braseros Personnalisés Discount Braseros Personnalisés Discount Braseros Personnalisés

Advice to the cooks!

When you use your brazier as a barbecue, feed it with enough wood to get to the right temperature. A base of embers in the brazier allows for slow cooking.

Would you like to market this product? Get in touch with us, as we are actively looking for new distribution outlets.
Everyone deserves the opportunity to have their own beautiful brazier, which converts into a barbecue or a high table.

The design of Xylo Impact's braziers is registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office under the nr 004119691-0001